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Zenith Systems specialises in Best of Breed, Integrated IT Security Solutions and Consulting Services.


Offering not only class leading technology solutions, but the local expertise to implement and support these solutions has ensured Zenith Systems' standing as the solution provider of choice for cyber security solutions in Southern Africa.

Since 2009, we have implemented and support SIEM and other cyber security solutions in over 35 customer sites across Africa. We are experts in our chosen fields and have a burning desire to provide our customers with not only the most effective and efficient technology solutions, but world class support as well.




No other local SIEM solution provider has as much experience and expertise in deploying SIEM as Zenith Systems does. As veterans in the SIEM space, we have deployed SIEM solutions in over 40 sites across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mosambique, Nigeria etc.

Not only do we depoy the generic components of the SIEM solution, but we also tailor the solution to our customers' unique requirements. This includes creating custom integrations for customer specific log sources and applications, custom rules/use cases, custom dashboards, custom reports etc. You get the picture....




Many early SIEM solutions are now being replaced by Next Gen solutions that provide analysis based not only on rules and use cases, but on inbuilt machine intelligence. We are proud to supply, implement and support the Gartner recommended NEXT GEN SIEM solution - LogPoint.

Not only is LogPoint an exceptional SIEM solution, but with pricing that is based on the number of log sources, NOT eps or storage, we can ensure that your SIEM pricing is predictable and that you have sufficient budget for the other cyber security components that you need for Defence in Depth.


LogPoint - Next Gen SIEM solution






















Trust LogPoint:

SIEM is one of the cornerstones of any holistic cyber security solution. The modern LogPoint SIEM and big data analytics solution offers unprecedented performance, scalability and flexibility. You can deploy LogPoint on premise and in the cloud, and it’s designed for both in-house cybersecurity departments as well as managed security service providers (MSSPs).

LogPoint delivers the most flexible and easy-to-use platform for collecting, analyzing and monitoring your machine data, whether generated by applications, databases, infrastructure, sensitive assets, manufacturing systems or security systems.

By combining, extracting and enriching data from multiple sources, LogPoint can provide you with unique analytic capabilities and insights, smoothly presented in use-case oriented, out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

The Next Gen SIEM solution from LogPoint will arm you with a cybersecurity analytics engine that allows you to easily identify attacks, immediately respond and effectively report them. LogPoint acts as a force multiplier for security analysts by ensuring the safety of critical business intelligence.

With LogPoint, you can quickly troubleshoot potential issues via:

  • Rapid analytic insight into incidents across the infrastructure
  • Removed dependencies of specific personnel with restricted system access
  • Big data analytics for sharp, easy analysis of all issues and incidents related to production applications, databases and RFID environments
  • Reduction of the number of false positives and eliminating the hassle of maintaining and developing expert rules
  • Forensic investigation with the execution of custom playbooks should an incident arise

LogPoint - Next Gen SIEM SOLUTION



cyber deception

sensitive data

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HIgh-Fedility breach detection with automated deception.


The most comprehensive Distributed Deception Platform designed to meet the needs of organizations looking to cost-effectively deploy Deceptions “at scale”

Acalvio ShadowPlex uses deception to detect breaches in the corporate network quickly and accurately, engage with the attacks, and automatically respond. Using ShadowPlex, security analysts can detect attackers that have successfully bypassed defenses, analyze attacker behavior, and prioritize threat hunting and remediation activities.

Acalvio’s deception technology provides:
• Early Detection of advanced, multistage attacks with high fidelity.
• Engagement of adversaries using high-interaction decoys to learn behavior, and divert adversaries from critical assets.
• Automated Response to attacks by identifying routes of attack, latent vulnerabilities, and indicators of compromise (IOC).



Manage PII, POPIA, GDPR etc. data:


Accurately discover, classify, and protect your sensitive data.

From reducing your sensitive data footprint to meeting rigorous compliance standards, Spirion will exceed your organization’s data security goals.

Sensitive Data Manager helps organizations achieve what has been a costly and resource intensive exercise. It enables your people to pinpoint business critical, regulated and sensitive data buried deep within your organisation and then classify it so your organisation can employ secure protection strategies including shredding and encrypting.



Respond RDA


The Respond Analyst performs just like an expert cyber security analyst but at machine speed — making complex decisions with 100% consistency.

RDA takes on frontline or tier-1 analyst monitoring and triage tasks by combining the best of human judgement with  scale and consistent depth of analysis only software can provide. RDA also provides rapid and continuous value in an easy-to-deploy package. Quick ROI can be achieved because “Decision-Bots” arrive ready to make decisions out-of-the-box.


When the amount of incoming data is overwhelming to people, RDA solves the problem by automating deep analytical reasoning across large data sets. Data can be analysed in a fraction of the time that humans would take, so that fact-based decisions can be made in real time at enterprise scale.



In addition to SIEM, Zenith Systems also specialises in the following best of breed cyber security solutions