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Zenith Systems:
Leading Edge Cyber Security Solutions

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Respond to Alerts Faster With Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Our IncMan SOAR solution helps you recognize actual incidents instead of chasing countless false positives.


IncMan SOAR integrates seamelessly with our LogPoint SIEM solution.

Protecting the perimeter and endpoints is not enough. Attackers just need to be successful once. How will you know when an attacker is in your network?

About us

Based in Johannesburg, Zenith Systems has focused on supplying, implementing and supporting Cyber Security Solutions in Africa for 9 years. We have implemented solutions in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, to name but a few.


Our customers range from the largest banks and financial services companies thorugh to manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and government.


We know the way


The Zenith Systems staff all have relevant certifications from both supplier bodies as well as industry certification bodies. These certifications coupled with actual experience gained "in the trenches" has resulted in global accolades.


We have received global recognition from our supplier partners in areas such as:

  • Most Successful Customer Implementation.
  • Most Successful Business Partner MEA.
  • First Global Enterprise licence




Anyone can drop a box or an appliance off at a customer site. That is not what we do. We eat, sleep, drink and breath customer satisfaction. That means that we will supply, implement and support our customers to ensure total satisfaction. If our customers have a problem, WE OWN IT and take Responsibility for it until resolved.