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Zenith Systems is a certified QRadar Partner servicing South Africa.

South African organisations have never before faced such fearsome security challenges or compliance imperatives.

QRadar SIEM's unique approach enables enterprise organisations to deliver an unparalleled set of network security management services, giving unrivalled insight into security telemetry and addressing various compliance requirements, including King III, POPIA, PCI etc.

Dramatically raise your level of security intelligence:

QRadar's next-generation SIEM, Log Management, Network Activity Monitoring and Risk Management technologies are built on the industry's only Security Intelligence Platform. As a result, QRadar enables security professionals to comprehensively prevent, defend, remediate and analyse exploits and policy violations, all through a unique "one-console" security intelligence approach.

A Next-Generation solution for current and emerging challenges:

QRadar's best-in-class data collection, analysis, correlation and auditing capabilities, enable organisations to quickly and easily implement a next-generation security management program to meet current and emerging network security challenges including:

  • Log Management
  • Threat Detection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Configuration Auditing
  • Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Compliance Automation
  • Network Activity Monitoring
  • Cloud Security
  • Integrated Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Forensics, including packet capture and full session replay.

    Please call us for more information and a demonstration of QRadar's unique capabilities.


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